Paddling Access Points in Connecticut by Town

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, Goshen,W. Side Pd. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 330 W. Side Rd. ,41.8535,-73.25867,,
, Agawam MA,CT R. Pynchon Point ,,42.083475,-72.585852,,, Ansonia,Housatonic and Naugatuck R., confluence access from Caroline St. entrance to O'Sullivan's Island Recreation Park,41.31515,-73.08556,,
, Ashley Falls MA,Housatonic R. Rannapo Rd. , Ashley Falls MA,42.05869,-73.34895,,
, Avon,Farmington R. Alsop Meadows (Rt.44 Bridge) ,off RT. 10 Avon,41.804996,-72.824124,,
, Bantam,Bantam R. at lake outflow ,on White Memorial property ,41.716563,-73.222188,,
, Barkhamsted,Farmington R. E. Branch Lk. McDonough ,,41.905049,-72.95589,,
, Barkhamsted,Farmington R. W. Branch Riverton , parking lot on Rt 20,41.962611,-73.018017,,
, Barkhamsted,Farmington R. W. Branch Peoples State Forest ,,41.923494,-72.997376,,
, Barkhamsted,Farmington R. W. Branch Rt. 181 and Rt. 318 Bridge , Pleasant Valley ,41.912842,-72.986992,,
, Barkhamsted,Farmington R. W. Branch W. R. Rd. ,above high bank rapid ,41.927586,-73.003118,,
, Barkhamsted,Farmington R. W. Branch W. R. Rd. ,pipeline crossing ,41.955291,-73.014805,,
, Barkhamsted,West Hill Lk. , DEEP Boat Launch ,41.89028,-73.03674,,
, Beacon Falls,Naugatuck R. RailRd. Ave, under the green bridge ,41.44221,-73.06244, ,
, Beacon Falls,Naugatuck R. Veterans Park, next to the Fire Department Main St Beacon Falls ,41.44358,-73.06425, ,
, Berlin,Silver Lk. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 300 Norton Ln. ,41.58436,-72.77048,,
, Bethlehem,Longmeadow Pd. ,Town Beach ,41.651926,-73.210322,,
, Bolton,Bolton Lk. (Lower), CT DEEP Boat Launch North off Route 44 in Bolton just west of the Quaryville cemetery,41.79811,-72.4287,,
, Bolton,Bolton Lk. (Middle), CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.81962,-72.42284,,
, Bolton,Bolton Lk. (Upper), CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.81981,-72.42289,,
, Bolton,Bolton Notch Pd. , CT DEEP Boat Launch Access from small narrow unimproved Rd. just before junction of Route I-384 and Route 6 going west on Route 44 in Bolton,41.7897,-72.45128,,
, Branford,Branford R. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 38 Goodsell Point Rd. ,41.2655,-72.81661,,
, Branford,Stony Creek Town Dock and Beach,Thimble Island Rd. and Indian Point Rd. ,41.265276,-72.751878,,
, Brewster NY,Great Swamp ,Green Chimneys School 400 Doansburg Rd. ,41.454844,-73.555272,,
, Bridgewater,Lk. Lillinonah Housatonic R. ,Route 133 Bridge Bridgewater ,41.480981,-73.35037,,
, Bristol ,Birge Pd. ,,41.688146,-72.950244,,
, Brooklyn,Quinebaug Riverside Pk. ,Greenway Drive 18 Day St Brooklyn ,41.802446,-71.896307,,
, Burlington,Farmington R. Junction Rt 4 and 179 ,,41.780428,-72.921394,,
, Burlington,Farmington R. Rt. 179 Wide Spot ,,41.794011,-72.925316,,
, Canterbury,Quinebaug R. Aspinook Pond, by Butts Bridge (river left) 67 Butts Bridge Rd. (Rt. 688) Canterbury,41.649933,-71.97037,,
, Canterbury,Quinebaug R. Robert Manship Pk. ,(river right) 39-55 Lovell Ln. Canterbury,41.698312,-71.962861,,
, Canton,Farmington R. Tubing Pullout ,,41.836896,-72.930775,,
, Canton,Farmington R. Waste Water Treatment Plant,R. Rd. Collinsville ,41.818904,-72.922288,,
, Chepachet RI,Bowdish Res, 2185 Putnam Pike Chepachet RI ,41.923563,-71.757777,,
, Cheshire,Mixville Pd. ,1300 Notch Rd. ,41.517413,-72.938987, Recreation Area ,
, Cheshire,Quinnipiac R. Quinnipiac Pk. ,at Cheshire Water Pollution Control Facility ,41.530268,-72.871027,,
, Chester,Cedar Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Route 148 north on Cedar Lk. Rd. first right follow signs ,41.40585,-72.50121,,
, Chester,CT R. Chester Town Boat Landing, ,41.431531,-72.450741,,
, Chester,Pattaconk Lk. , DEEP Boat Launch (North end of) State Forest Rd. Chester ,41.40881,-72.52495,,
, Clinton,Hammock R. LIS Clinton Town Beach ,Waterside Ln. ,41.268277,-72.519482,,
, Clinton,Hammonasset R. LIS Clinton Town Marina ,Riverside Dr. ,41.269152,-72.530775,,
, Clinton,Indian R. Clinton Landing, 53 E. Main St. ,41.276897,-72.523707,,
, Colchester,Babcock Pd. ,DEEP Boat Launch Route 16 east of intersection with Route 149 Access is on south side of Route 16 at Wildlife Observation Area,41.54822,-72.39505,,
, Colchester,Pickerel Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 165 Pickerel Lk. Rd. ,41.53674,-72.42216,,
, Colebrook,Colebrook R. Lake ,Colebrook Farmington R. W. Branch CT DEEP Public CT DEEP Boat Launch,42.021866,-73.051002,,
, Columbia,Mono Pd. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 120 Hunt Rd. ,41.67892,-72.31066,,
, Columbia,Willimantic R. ,Upstream Side of Route 66 Bridge ,41.717352,-72.245246,,
, Cornwall,Cream Hill Lk. ,Cornwall Town Beach ,41.880683,-73.306136,!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e7836ed4547437:0xe90230249bd34f2c!8m2!3d41.8805992!4d-73.3062959,
, Coventry,Coventry Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 180 Lk. St. ,41.7653,-72.30955,,
, Coventry,Eagleville Pd.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 30 Pine Lk. Dr. ,41.78451,-72.28173,,
, Coventry,Willimantic R. above Eagleville Lk. Dam, (upstream side) on Route 275 in Coventry on RIVER RIGHT,41.784183,-72.281448,,
, Cromwell,Mattabesset R., Route 3 ,41.59972,-72.67629,,
, Danbury,Candlewood Lk. (Lattins Cove), CT DEEP Boat Launch 8 Forty Acres Mt. Rd. ,41.446472,-73.429441,,
, Danbury,Lk. Kenosia ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 11 Kenosia Av. ,41.38301,-73.49786,,
, Danielson,Five Mile R. Pd.,Water St.,41.805611,-71.885389, -71.885380,
, Deep River,CT R. Estuary CKT Brockway Ferry Landing, off River Rd. ,41.384588,-72.392398,,
, Deep River,CT R. Estuary CKT Town Landing ,off Kirkland St. ,41.395255,-72.426646,,
, Deep River,CT R. Estuary CKT Pratt Cove ,Essex St. Bridge Landing ,41.382993,-72.42582,,
, Derby,Housatonic R. Derby Dam, DEEP fishing area ,41.32576,-73.10036,,
, Dudley MA,Quinebaug R. above W. Dudley Hydro Dam, at W. Dudley Pond or Paper Mill Pond and Paper Mill Dam (river right) 11-37 W. Dudley Rd. Dudley MA,42.050087,-71.982596,,
, Dudley MA,Quinebaug R. below W. Dudley Hydro dam, at W. dudley Pond or Paper Mill Pond and Paper Mill dam (river right) 11-37 W. Dudley Rd. Dudley MA,42.0496,-71.981433,,
, Dudley MA,Quinebaug R. Dudley River Rd. ,canoe launch (river left) 2 Dudley River Rd. Dudley MA,42.066953,-72.007569,,
, East Granby,Farmington R. Under the Rt. 187 Br. East Granby, take-out for the Tariffville Gorge,41.897616,-72.749299,,
, East Granby,Farmington R. EXPERTS ONLY Tariffville Gorge ,end of Tunxis Ave. East Granby,41.904799,-72.759979,,
, East Haddam,Bashan Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch at end of Ballahack Rd. No. 1 East Haddam,41.48362,-72.40307,,
, East Haddam,CT R. East Haddam Town Landing (Goodspeed Landing) ,,41.45121,-72.46246,,
, East Haddam,CT R. Goodspeed Airport ,15 Lumber Yard Rd. ,41.449478,-72.46105,,
, East Haddam,Hayward Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 360 E. Shore Dr. ,41.53018,-72.33321,,
, East Haddam,Moodus Rs. ,(Lower) CT DEEP Boat Launch 100 Mott Ln. ,41.51585,-72.42313,,
, East Haddam,Moodus Rs. Lower Town Beach ,300ish Colchester Turnpike,41.510523,-72.408335,,
, East Haddam ,CT R. Salmon R.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 117 E Haddam Moodus Rd. ,41.4672,-72.46821,,
, East Hartford,Hockanum R. Burnside Av. Dam , behind MacDonalds ,41.782799,-72.584293, ,, East Hartford,Hockanum R. Labor Field ,possible access ,41.782377,-72.595659, ,, East Hartford,Hockanum R. Linear Trail, at Middle School ,41.778957,-72.602676,,
, East Hartford ,CT R. Great River Park, off E. River Dr. ,41.759945,-72.66066,,
, East Lyme,Dodge Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 15 Lk. Avenue Exd East Lyme,41.32662,-72.20105,,
, East Lyme,Gorton Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 95 Kevin Rd. ,41.33841,-72.21062,,
, East Lyme,Pattagansett Lk, CT DEEP Boat Launch 291 Boston Post Rd. East Lyme,41.36726,-72.23091,,
, East Lyme,Powers Lk, CT DEEP Boat Launch 179 Whistletown Rd. East Lyme,41.39322,-72.25687,,
, East Windsor,Scantic R. Cemetery Rd. ,,41.894349,-72.573037,,
, East Windsor,Scantic R. Melrose Rd, remains of the suspension bridge ,41.938445,-72.546585,,
, East Windsor ,Scantic R. filter beds, off Mill St possible access ,41.914494,-72.556362,,
, Eastford,Halls Pd.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 80 Kennerson Rd. ,41.84176,-72.10774,,
, Ellington,Crystal Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 100 W. Shore Rd. Ellington,41.93799,-72.37951,,
, Enfield,CT R. Kings Island ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 49 Parsons Rd. ,41.96335,-72.60716,,
, Enfield,CT R. Donald Barnes Boat Launch ,S. River St. Thomsponsville section ,41.997974,-72.605724,,
, Enfield,Scantic R. Linear Pk. ,Bailey Rd. unconfirmed river access ,41.978175,-72.505758,,
, Enfield,Scantic R. Linear Pk. W. ,Stockers Rapids portage near 5 Water St. off Hazard Av. ,41.982465,-72.522316,,
, Enfield,Scantic R. State Pk. , Powder Hollow Rapids ,41.98164,-72.539476,,
, Enfield,Scantic R. Town Farm Rd. ,,41.954644,-72.554841,,
, Essex,CT R. Essex Town Dock, Main St. adjacent to the CT. R. Museum ,41.350838,-72.384913,,
, Essex,CT R. Little Pt. St. ,,41.356825,-72.388431,,
, Essex,CT R. Nott Ln. Open Space ,,41.351193,-72.389944,,
, Essex,CT R. Scholes Ln. ,,41.35074,-72.384606,,
, "Exeter, RI",Beach Pd. RI State Park ,2875 Ten Rod Rd. ,41.573916,-71.786428°,,, Falls Village,Housatonic R. Below Great Falls Dam, at FirstLight Falls Village Station on Canoe Access Rd. ,41.957272,-73.370154,,
, Farmington,Farmington R. Rt 4 Bridge ,,41.728462,-72.829649,,
, Farmington,Farmington R. Wannowmasa Rd. ,,41.742331,-72.860844,,
, Glastonbury,CT R. Public Ramp,,41.719206,-72.626406,,
, Glastonbury,CT R. Riverfront Pk. ,,41.710775,-72.616558,,
, Glocester RI,Pascoag Res, Maroney Rd. Glocester RI,41.92738,-71.7178,,
, Goshen,Bantam R. at E. St. and S. Rs. Rd. ,,41.807889,-73.199594,,
, Goshen,Dog Pd. ,Camp Cochipianee for Town residents ,41.809835,-73.240661,,
, Goshen,Dog Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 160 Town Hill Rd. ,41.81269,-73.23588,,
, Goshen,Mohawk Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.80996,-73.2939,,
, Goshen,Pie Hill Marsh Ivy Mt. Bk. ,Kobylenski Wildlife Area Pie Hill Rd. ,41.826746,-73.203689,",-73.20348&spn=0.006524,0.010654&t=h&z=17", -73.20348&spn=0.006524 0.010654&t=h&z=17
, Goshen,Tyler Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.83708,-73.26741,,
, Greenwich,Byram R. Carolyn Pd. Pk. ,Halock Drive access ,41.020644,-73.657079,,
, Greenwich,Byram R. Carolyn Pd. Pk. ,,41.022747,-73.6581,,
, Greenwich,LIS Byram Pk. , just south of exit 2 of I-95 on Ritch Avenue ,41.002432,-73.647064,,
, Greenwich,LIS Cos Cob Marina, V. F.W. Memorial Strickland Rd. Waterfront Pk. Greenwich ,41.032459,-73.597219,,
, Greenwich,LIS Grass Island ,Marina off Shore Rd. in central Greenwich just south of I-95 ,41.014503,-73.627622,,
, Greenwich,LIS Greenwich Point Pk. ,Marina in Old Greenwich ,41.006691,-73.581808,,
, Greenwich,Mianus R. Pd, Pk. Loading Rock Rd. ,41.054322,-73.583688,,
, Griswold,Aspinook Pd. (Quinebaug R.) , Arbor Rd. ,41.63363,-71.97351,,
, Griswold,Glasgo Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 45 Hillview Heights ,41.55833,-71.88681,,
, Griswold,Hopeville Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 844 Hopeville Rd. ,41.60339,-71.92762,,
, Griswold,Pachaug Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 945 Voluntown Rd. ,41.58293,-71.92897,,
, Groton,Bayberry Ln. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 150 Bayberry Ln ,41.32061,-72.0583,,
, Groton,LIS Esker Point ,900 Groton Long Point Rd. ,41.32197,-72.000775, ,
, Groton,Mystic R. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 600 River Rd. ,41.37409,-71.96588,,
, Groton,Mystic R. Public Dock and Launch, Water St. ,41.350615,-71.971886,,
, Groton,Mystic R. adjacent to Mystic Art Association ,73 Steamboat Wharf ,41.354133,-71.969923,,
, Groton,Mystic R. Spicer Pk. ,Public access on Spicer Ave. off Elm St.,41.328079,-71.988835,,
, Groton,Poquonnock R. Bluff Point ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 44 Depot Rd. ,41.33624,-72.03473,,
, Groton,Poquonnock R. Peruzzotti Boat Launch, South Rd. ,41.34209,-72.037469,,
, Groton,Thames R. KE Streeter ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 58 Fairview Av. ,41.36378,-72.08486,,
, Guilford,East R. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 168 Circle Beach Rd. ,41.26946,-72.65703,,
, Guilford,LIS Faulkner Island ,Lighthouse webcam ,41.211944,-72.654167,,
, Guilford,Quonnipaug Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 4240 Durham Rd. ,41.39861,-72.69692,,
, Haddam,CT R. Haddam Meadows State Pk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 2 Island Dock Rd,41.48134,-72.50657,,
, Haddam,Moodus Rs. ,(Upper) CT DEEP Boat Launch Route 149 south on Bashan Falls Rd. east on Haddam-Colchester Turnpike right on Launching Area Rd. just before causeway,41.50417,-72.4088,,
, Haddam,Wintergreen Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 412 Main St.,41.35996,-72.96584,,
, Hampton,Hampton Rs., CT DEEP Boat Launch 400 Kenyon Rd. ,41.82373,-72.05738,,
, Hampton,Pine Acres Lk. , CT DEEP Boat Launch (Southeast End of) Potter Rd. Hampton,41.77655,-72.08148,,
, Hartford,CT R. Riverside Pk. ,20 Leibert Rd. ,41.774771,-72.665757,,
, Hartford,CT R. Riverside Pk. ,off Jennings Rd. ,41.774513,-72.665511,,
, Hartland,Farmington R. W. Branch Below Goodwin Dam ,,41.984282,-73.01682,,
, Hartland,Howells Pd., Dish Mill Rd. Hartland CT DEEP Boat Launch ,42.02153,-72.99151,,
, Harwinton,Bull Pd. ,,41.763861,-73.046986,,
, Harwinton,Harwinton Lk. Beach ,Catlin Rd. may be residents only ,41.7814,-73.086202,,
, Hebron,Holbrook Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 142 Gilead St. ,41.67412,-72.37578,,
, Higganum,Higganum Rs. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch (Dirt Rd. at ) 155 N. Dish Mill Rd. ,41.48327,-72.56013,,
, Holland MA,Quinebaug R. Holland Pd. Or Lk. Siogi, Pond-Bridge Rd. Holland MA,42.082236,-72.163644,,
, Kent,Hatch Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 2 Bulls Bridge Rd. ,41.68038,-73.47319,,
, Kent,Housatonic R. Wildlife Management Area, North Kent Rd. ,41.766927,-73.437847,,
, Kent,Leonard Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Route 341 South Kent Rd. ,41.707,-73.47578,,
, Kent,Lk. Waramaug ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Lk. Waramaug Rd. ,41.70868,-73.38364,,
, Killingly,Chase Rs. ,Pratt Rd. Killingly,41.853538,-71.836736,,
, Killingly,Quinebaug Pd. State Pk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 75 Shepard Hill Rd. Killingly,41.78023,-71.88748,,
, Killingly,Quinebaug R. Wayne R. LaFreniere Memorial Canoe Launch, 43 Wauregan Rd. Killingly,41.79376,-71.88911,,
, Killingly,Ross Pd, CT DEEP Boat Launch 223 Ross Rd. ,41.77664,-71.86416,,
, Ledyard,Lantern Hill ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 741 Lantern Hill Rd. ,41.45801,-71.94886,,
, Ledyard,Thames R. Erickson Park, Military Highway,41.415624,-72.08672,,
, Ledyard,Thames R. Poquetanuck Cove ,Quentin Drawbridge Rd. ,41.4707,-72.05981,,
, Ledyard,Thames R. Poquetanuck Cove ,Haase Memorial Canoe Kayak Launch Royal Oaks Dr., 41.483947°,-72.051858,,
, Ledyard,Thames R. Stoddard Hill State Pk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 1942 Rt. 12 ,41.459471,-72.066592,,
, Litchfield,Bantam R. at White Memorial ,private Rd. ,41.72613,-73.20862,,
, Litchfield,Mount Tom Pd. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 20 Mt Tom Rd.,41.69807,-73.27973,,
, Litchfield,Northfield Pd. Humaston Bk ,St Pk. Scenic Reserve Litchfield Northfield,41.699576,-73.103369,,
, Longmeadow MA,CT R. Riverfront Pk. ,,42.062461,-72.593746,,, Lyme,CT R. Hadlyme Ferry ,CT DEEP Boat Launch just north off Route 148 adjacent to the Hadlyme Ferry 154 Ferry Rd. ,41.42054,-72.4284,,
, Lyme,CT R. Ely?s Ferry Landing ,Ely's Ferry Rd. ,41.363356,-72.375826,,
, Lyme,CT R. Lyme Town Boat Access,,41.38285,-72.352227,,
, Lyme,Norwich Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Kenny Rd. ,41.3847,-72.30461,,
, Lyme,Uncas Pd. (Hog Pd.),CT DEEP Boat Launch Kenny Rd. ,41.37284,-72.32226,,
, Madison,Hammonasset Beach, CT DEEP Boat Launch (Meigs Point) Hammonasset State Pk. Madison,41.24945,-72.54545,,
, Manchester,Hockanum R. Access 3 ,N. end of Fleming Rd. ,41.792992,-72.540081, ,, Manchester,Hockanum R. Access 4 ,NE corner of Hilliard St. and New State Rd. ,41.784605,-72.555071, ,, Manchester,Hockanum R. Access 5, Middle Tp W. ,41.780729,-72.56436, ,, Manchester,Hockanum R. below Union St. dam ,,41.799577,-72.528365,,, Manchester,Hockanum R. Union Pd. ,2A  Access boat ramp off N. School St. ,41.798658,-72.523464, ,, Mansfield,Mansfield Hollow ,Dam CT CT DEEP Boat Launch Route 6 west on Old Willimantic Rd. right onto Bates Rd. left on Bassett Bridge Rd. Launch is on the right,41.76825,-72.17544,,
, Mansfield,Willimantic R. Park, on Plains Rd. ,41.797432,-72.299848,,
, Mansfield,Willimantic R. Eagleville Preserve Trail ,on Route 275 Access & Portage (downstream side) in Mansfield on RIVER LEFT,41.784511,-72.280136,,
, Mansfield,Willimantic R. Eagleville Lake Dam, on Route 275 Access & Portage in Mansfield on RIVER LEFT,41.784691,-72.280303,,
, Mansfield,Willimantic R. Merrow Meadow Park, on Merrow Rd. ,41.824069,-72.312709,,
, Meriden,Quinnipiac R. Hanover Pd. Dossin Beach, Oregon Rd. S. ,41.523768,-72.835479,,
, Meriden,Quinnipiac R. Hanover Pd. Habershon Field, Camp St off Main St. Rt. 70 S. ,41.521659,-72.828214,,
, Meriden,Quinnipiac R. Hanover Pd. portage trail,Hanover Pd. portage trail from Dossin Beach to below dam at at Humane Society South Meriden,41.519725,-72.826269,,
, Meriden,Quinnipiac R. Red Bridge, intersection of Oregon Rd. and R. Rd. South Meriden,41.522562,-72.8388,,
, Meriden,Quinnipiac R. Sindall Rd., Cheshire at Carpenters Dam by old Meriden pump house,41.52744,-72.858916,,
, Middlebury,Hop Bk Lk. ,4 Straits Turnpike ,41.51761,-73.07356, ,
, Middlebury,Lk. Quassapaug ,Middlebury Town Recreation Area ,41.528343,-73.149107,,
, Middlefield,Beseck Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 225 Baileyville Rd. ,41.51676,-72.72901,,
, Middlefield,Black Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 1690 E. Main St. Middlefield,41.52738,-72.74274,,
, Middlefield,Coginchaug R. Johnson St. ,185 Johnson St at town Recycling Center ,41.573003,-72.660132,,
, Middletown,Coginchaug R. Durham Rd., RT 147 ,41.495504,-72.704851,,
, Middletown,Crystal Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 244 Livingston Rd. ,41.51721,-72.63826,,
, Middletown,CT R. Harbor Pk. ,,41.559001,-72.642598,,
, Middletown,Dooley Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 61 Brush Hill Rd. ,41.51307,-72.66666,,
, Milford,Housatonic R. under I-95 ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.205,-73.10799,,
, Milford,LIS Silver Sands State Pk. ,Silver Sands Pk. Way ,41.200221,-73.065536,,
, Milford,LIS Walnut Beach ,70 W. River St. ,41.192884,-73.082626,,
, Monroe,Lk. Zoar Housatonic R. ,Boat Ramp at Stevenson Dam Route 34 ,41.381521,-73.175991,,
, Monroe,Pequonnock R. Great Hollow Lk., in Wolfe Pk. Doc Silverstone Dr. ,41.311334,-73.247938,,
, Montville,Thames R. Montville ,Town Boat Launch Dock Rd. Uncasville ,41.432246,-72.098564,,
, Morris,Bantam Lk, CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.694067,-73.231392,,
, Morris,Bantam Lk. town boat launch ,residents only E. Shore Rd. ,41.688477,-73.223032,,
, Naugatuck,Naugatuck R. at Breen Field,off of Route 63 next to Napa Auto Parts Naugatuck,41.4845,-73.05318, ,
, Naugatuck,Naugatuck R. Linden Park, off of Route 8 at Exit 27 ,41.49737,-73.0528, ,
, New Britain,Batterson Pk. Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 456 Alexander Rd. ,41.70602,-72.79236,,
, New Fairfield,Ball Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 9 Ball Pond Rd. E. ,41.45754,-73.52205,,
, New Fairfield,Candlewood Lk. (Squantz Cove) ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Old Bogus Rd. ,41.50801,-73.46877,,
, New Fairfield,Squantz Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Shortwoods Rd. ,41.50994,-73.47221,,
, New Hartford ,Farmington R. Nepaug State Forest ,,41.849689,-72.95618,,
, New Hartford ,Farmington R. Satans Kingdom State Rec. Area ,,41.857422,-72.958476,,
, New Hartford ,Nepaug R. ,Dings Rd. ,41.833295,-73.006385,,
, New Hartford ,Nepaug R. RT 202 bridge ,,41.826132,-72.975039,,
, New Haven,Mill R. E. Rock Pk. ,Orange St. Canoe Launch SW side of Orange St. Bridge ,41.32586,-72.908978,
, New Haven,Quinnipiac R. Clifton St., canoe ramp north of Grand Avenue bridge ,41.309841,-72.885423, ,
, New Haven,Quinnipiac R. Dover Beach Pk. ,Front St.,41.318762,-72.887403,,
, New Haven,W. River Mem. Pk. S. Launch ,off Marginal Dr. at Orange Av. ,41.29742,-72.952482,,
, New Haven,W. River Mem.Pk. N. Launch ,off RT 34 and Derby Av. By T. Ahern Monument ,41.308707,-72.954529,,
, New Haven ,Morris Creek ,Lighthouse Point Pk. ,41.247265,-72.89998,,
, New London,Thames R. City Pier and Waterfront Park, foot of Captain's Walk State St. ,41.353829,-72.092712,,
, New London,Thames R. under I-95 bridge , CT DEEP Boat Launch 1 State Pier Rd,41.36349,-72.0909,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Addis Pk. ,Grove St. ,41.554709,-73.40605,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Boardman Bridge,,41.592691,-73.450363,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Boardman Bridge ,,41.592691,-73.450363,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Bulls Bridge Hydro station,Launch below Station at 781 Kent Rd. (Route 7) Gaylordsville,41.659597,-73.489931,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Gaylordsville Bridge, New Milford,41.65854,-73.49198,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Lovers Leap,,41.542168,-73.403553,,
, New Milford,Housatonic R. Youngs Field, New Milford,41.576082,-73.415271,,
, Newtown,Lk. Lillinonah Housatonic R. ,Shepaug Dam western portage Southbury ,41.450266,-73.295404,,
, Noank Groton,Mystic R. Town Dock ,at the foot of Main St ,41.32527,-71.984946,,
, Norfolk ,Wood Creek Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 428 Ashpohtag Rd.,42.01814,-73.19315,,
, North Grosvenordale Thompson,North Grosvenordale Pd. French R. ,town boat launch 1019 Riverside Dr. Rt. 12 ,41.991875,-71.89579,,
, North Grosvenordale Thompson ,Quinebaug R. W. Thompson lake ,(river left) 341-365 Reardon Rd. ,41.953556,-71.899741, (printed page 16),
, North Haven,Quinnipiac R. Broadway Bridge, downstream of RT 22 on the left bank upstream of the bridge ,41.389907,-72.870966,,
, North Haven,Quinnipiac R. Sackett Point Rd., on either bank on the upstream side of the bridge ,41.367572,-72.875011,,
, North Haven,Quinnipiac R. State Pk. ,new canoe ramp at Banton St. near RT 15 rest area.,41.397882,-72.868637,,
, North Stonington,Anderson Pd,CT DEEP Boat Launch 441 Cossaduck Hill Rd. ,41.50827,-71.89287, ,
, North Stonington,Billings Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 100 Billings Lk. Rd. ,41.51163,-71.87599,,
, North Stonington,Long Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 690 Lantern Hill Rd. ,41.45148,-71.94858,,
, North Stonington,Wyassup Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 145 Wyassup Lake Rd. ,41.48903,-71.87673,,
, Norwalk,LIS Calf Pasture Beach ,Calf Pasture Beach Rd. ,41.082597,-73.39564,," """" """"
", Norwalk,Norwalk Harbor Veterans Pk. ,42 Seaview Av. ,41.098608,-73.412962,,
, Norwich,Shetucket River Greenville Dam Fishing Area, Norwich Public Utilities hydroelectric dam and fish ladder,41.534806,-72.051037,,
, Norwich,Thames R. Howard Brown Park, Chelsea Harbor Dr. ,41.523174,-72.07868,,
, Old Lyme,CT R - Smith Neck Town Landing ,Town Landing Rd. ,41.295894,-72.328513,,
, Old Lyme,CT R. Estuary CKT Great Island,CT DEEP Boat Launch 99 Smith Neck Rd. ,41.28864,-72.36731,,
, Old Lyme,CT R. Great Island ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 99 Smith Neck Rd. ,41.287409,-72.323945,,
, Old Lyme,CT R. Lieutenant R. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 17 Shore Rd. ,41.314059,-72.337261,,
, Old Lyme,CT R. Pilgrim Landing, Neck Rd. ,41.329686,-72.340324,,
, Old Lyme,CT. R. Old Lyme Ferry Rd. , Launch Site ,41.313169,-72.345317,,
, Old Lyme,Four Mile R.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 99 Old Cart Path ,41.30237,-72.25059,,
, Old Lyme,Great Island ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 99 Smith Neck Rd. ,41.28738,-72.32402,,
, Old Lyme,Lieutenant R. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 17 Shore Rd. ,41.31415,-72.33732,,
, Old Lyme,LIS - White Sands Beach ,Town park at 11 Seaside Avenue and at the terminus of White Sands Beach Rd.,41.280426,-72.303806,,
, Old Lyme,Niantic R. Grand St. ,Town Boat Launch ,41.325576,-72.186442,,
, Old Lyme,Rogers Lk. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 102 Grassy Hill Rd. ,41.36192,-72.29521,,
, Old Lyme Niantic,Niantic R - Cini Memorial Pk. ,under the Niantic River bridge ,41.323644,-72.177044,,
, Old Saybrook,Baldwin Bridge , CT DEEP Boat Launch 220 Ferry Rd. ,41.31801,-72.35136,,
, Old Saybrook,CT R. Estuary CKT North and South Coves ,Town dock off Sheffield St. ,41.288854,-72.368024,,
, Old Saybrook ,CT R. Estuary CKT North and South Coves ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.287014,-72.361427,,
, Old Saybrook ,CT R. North Cove Town Ramp ,Sheffield St. ,41.288633,-72.36734,,
, Otis MA,Farmington R. W. Branch Otis ,field on Rt. 8 ,42.146947,-73.0709,,
, Oxford,Lk. Housatonic ,Stevenson Dam ,41.38509,-73.172298,,
, Plainfield,Quinebaug R. CT DEEP Fish Hatchery, (river left) 139-159 Trout Hatchery Rd. Plainfield,41.735065,-71.919776,,
, Plainville,Quinnipiac R. Hamlin Pd, Dewey Place off Woodford Av. ,41.669932,-72.853387,,
, Plainville,Quinnipiac R. Shuttle Meadow Rd.,,41.654767,-72.86529,,
, Plainville,Quinnipiac R. Thomlinson Ave, Trumble Pk. ,41.663014,-72.8487,,
, Plymouth,Hancock Bk. Lk. ,,41.621489,-73.036486,,
, Plymouth,Plymouth Rs.,Town Rec. Area 170 North St.,41.683384,-73.051994,,
, Pomfret,Quinebaug R. Cotton Bridge Rd. , (river right) ,41.858608,-71.924741,,
, Pomfret,Quinebaug R. Rt 101 bridge ,437 Killingly Rd. ,41.849063,-71.921325,,
, Preston,Amos Lk. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 158 Preston Plains Rd. ,41.51666,-71.97817,,
, Preston,Avery Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 45 Lynn Dr. ,41.49573,-71.97975,,
, Putnam,Quinebaug R. Simonzi Park, 80-82 Kennedy Drive Putnam,41.90875,-71.90992,,
, Ridgefield,Mamanasco Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 48 Mamanasco Rd. ,41.31495,-73.52156,,
, Rifgefield,Pierrepont Lk.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 236 Barlow Mountain Rd. Ridgefield,41.32059,-73.50943,,
, Roxbury,Shepaug R. Hodge Pk. ,,41.563496,-73.327614,,
, Rye NY,LIS Playland Pk. ,Read Wildlife Sanctuary 100 Playland Pkwy ,40.96675,-73.66956,,
, Salem,Gardner Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 147 Old Colchester Rd. ,41.50143,-72.22568,,
, Salem,Horse Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 295 New London R. ,41.4618,-72.24886,,
, Salisbury,Housatonic R. Great Falls Dam, Salisbury,41.96384,-73.37174,,
, Salisbury,Lk. Wononscopomuc Town Grove ,town boat launch 36 Ethan Allen St. in Lakeville ,,,,, Salisbury,Twin Lks ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,42.03834,-73.3805,,
, Sandisfield MA,Farmington R. W. Branch Green Bridge rest area , on Rt 8 ,42.127388,-73.067653,,
, Seymour,Lk. Housatonic ,Keith Mitchell Forest Canoe Access ,41.36459,-73.14014,,
, Seymour,Naugatuck R. below Tingue Dam,,41.39198,-73.07437, ,
, Seymour,Seymour Res, 1 Naugatuck State Forest ,41.435827,-73.088303,,
, Seymour,Seymour Res, 4 Naugatuck State Forest ,41.449731,-73.092416,,
, Sharon,Mudge Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 10 Silver Lake Shore Rd. ,41.89511,-73.4784,,
, Shelton,Lk. Housatonic ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 400 Indian Well Rd. ,41.34079,-73.12404,,
, Shelton,LK. Housatonic ,Indian Well State Pk. ,41.341098,-73.123702,,
, Simsbury,Farmington R. Rt. 185 Br. Simsbury, just east of the Rt. 185 bridge turn south onto Nod Rd. take immediate right into parking area,41.846639,-72.806544,,
, Simsbury,Farmington R. Curtiss Pk. ,61 Tariffville Rd. (Route 315) ,41.89661,-72.77821,,
, Simsbury,Farmington R. Rt. 185 Br. Simsbury , just east of the Rt. 185 bridge turn north onto a dirt Rd. down into Gifford Pinchot Sycamore Tree Park.,41.847924,-72.807035,,
, Simsbury,Farmington R. Tariffville Pk. above GORGE Class III rapids, off of Tarifville's Main St. Simsbury take-out for non experts - put-in for experts only,41.916784,-72.76937,,
, Simsbury,Farmington R. Tarrifville Rd. Rt. 315. Simsbury, St Johns Place Open Space Pk. entrance north side of rd. west of River,41.895378,-72.784239,,
, Simsbury,Farmington R. W. Branch Callahan Memorial Pk.,,41.878651,-72.976056,,
, Simsbury,Farmington Riverside Rd. Simsbury ,(near Drake Hill Rd.) small access area by river,41.869089,-72.792626,,
, Somers,Scantic R. Four Bridges Rd. ,,41.995272,-72.461133,,
, Somers,Scantic R. Linear Pk. East, off Quality Av. ,41.982622,-72.491677,,
, Somers,Scantic R. Route 190 ,,41.986963,-72.473919,,
, Somers,Scantic R. Somersville Mill Pd. Pk. ,,41.982939,-72.487704,,
, South Kent,Housatonic R. Bulls Bridge Rd. ,,41.67558,-73.508363,,
, South Sandisfield MA,Farmington R. W. Branch Old Rt.8,,42.066068,-73.059302,,
, South Windsor,CT R. Public Ramp ,,41.82946,-72.635566,,
, Southbury,Hidden Pd. Pk. ,1055 Bucks Hill Rd.,41.493449,-73.178756,,
, Southbury,Lk. Lillinonah Housatonic R. ,Pd. Bk Inlet Newtown ,41.459412,-73.325361,,
, Southbury,Lk. Zoar Housatonic R.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 210 Scout Rd. ,41.42773,-73.23621,,
, Southbury,Lk. Zoar Housatonic R. ,Kettletown State Pk. ,41.424513,-73.206974,,
, Southbury,Lk. Zoar Housatonic R. ,Shepaug Recreation Area ,41.450266,-73.290666,,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. across from Siemon Pk. soccer fields , E. Flat Hill Rd. South Britain Southbury (below South Britain Dam),41.471117,-73.254571,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. Bent, of the R. Audubon Southbury permission required,41.47172,-73.25809,,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. Cedarland Pk. , River Trail Southbury (no formal parking lot),41.472378,-73.225303,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. Ewald Pk. ,Poverty Rd. Southbury,41.482043,-73.223812,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. Stretch B Bennett Pk. ,Rt. 67 ,41.50062,-73.21858,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. take out above dam, Platt Farm Preserve Southbury Land Trust Flood Bridge Rd. Southbury,41.46733,-73.23294,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Southbury,Pomperaug R. Town Beach, 1711 River Rd. Southbury,41.43927,-73.251954, park,
, Southbury,Transylvania Pd. , Janie Pierce Pk. 200 Transylvania Rd. ,41.514669,-73.241326,,
, Southington,Quinnipiac R. Mill ST Bridge ,Mill ST Bridge at Town Pk. Southington,41.604674,-72.882116,,
, Southington,Quinnipiac R. Queen ST pump station,,41.644204,-72.873916,,
, Southington,Quinnipiac R. Route 322 bridge,,41.563006,-72.879227,,
, Southington,Quinnipiac R. Southington boat ramp, across from bowling alley ,41.571226,-72.896172,,
, Southwick MA,Congamond Lakes North Ramp ,MA State Boat Launch ,42.041406,-72.757084,,
, Southwick MA,Congamond Lakes south Ramp ,MA State Boat Launch ,42.020753,-72.768708,,
, Springfield MA,CT R. Access ,steep steps ,42.098681,-72.591695,,, Springfield MA,CT R. Springfield Access ,,42.098681,-72.591695,,, Stafford,Staffordville Lake,Town Beach ,41.995891,-72.257932, ,
, Stafford Springs,Willimantic R. Commuter Lot , on Route 32 0.4 mile south of Stafford Springs center,41.946173,-72.304432,,
, Stafford Springs,Willimantic R. Trail start, Headwaters from Stafford Springs to Tolland ,41.95325,-72.30255,,
, Stamford,LIS Cove Pk. ,Cove Rd. ,41.044953,-73.503919,,
, Stonington,Barn Island ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 249 Palmer Neck Rd. ,41.33739,-71.87567,,
, Stonington,Lk. Of Isles ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.49032,-71.94862,,
, Stonington,Mystic R. dinghy dock, Public access for visiting boaters Holmes St between Frazier and Forsyth St.,41.356185,-71.966,,
, Stonington,Mystic R. Holmes-Bay St. and Isham St. ,Public boat launch ,41.358559,-71.964817,,
, Stonington,Mystic R. Mill St., Public Access ,41.388057,-71.958672,,
, Stonington,Mystic R. Pk. Stonington Commons, public floating dinghy dock ,41.353444,-71.969232,,
, Stonington,Mystic R. Williams Beach ,at the YMCA off Masons Island Rd. ,41.345611,-71.959129,,
, Stonington,Mystic R. Admiralty Cove ,Public Access is being developed ,41.386668,-71.958155,,
, Stratford,LIS west of Housatonic R. mouth seawall ,on Long Beach in the Lordship section of ,41.14807,-73.12952,,
, Sturbridge MA,Quinebaug R. Old Mashapaug Rd. , or Old Box Shop Dam canoe launch (river right) 3 Old Mashapaug Rd. Sturbridge MA,42.074933,-72.077203,,
, Sturbridge MA,Quinebaug R. Westville Lk. Recreation Area ,Boat Ramp (river left) 46 Shepard Rd. Sturbridge MA,42.073603,-72.060178,,
, Sturbridge MA,Quinebaug R. E. Brimfield Lk, Boat Ramp (river left) across from 366-398 Sturbridge Rd. Fiskdale MA,42.110269,-72.13938,,
, Terryville,Lk. Winfield ,Town Recreation Area aka Zeiner Pd. Holt St.,41.682231,-73.028666,,, Terryville,Lk. Winfield ,Town Recreation Area aka Zeiner Pd. Seymour Rd.,,,,, Terryville,Zeiner Pd. Lk. Winfield, off of Holt St. and at Seymour Rd. ,41.682203,-73.025903,,
, Thomaston,Black Rock Lk. ,,41.658239,-73.109027,,
, Thomaston,Nystom Pd. ,town park ,41.679874,-73.116013,,
, Thompson,Little Pd.,CT DEEP Boat Launch 23 Lakeview St. ,42.01304,-71.83925,,
, Thompson,Quaddick Rs. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 678 Quaddick Town Farm Rd. ,41.95606,-71.81485,,
, Thompson,Quinebaug R. Fabyan ,(river left) 622 Fabyan Rd. Thompson,42.009886,-71.941597,,
, Tolland,Shenipsit Lk. ,registered rowboats only Ellington Rd. ,41.89247,-72.42133,,
, Tolland,Willimantic R. Heron Cove Pk. ,on South River Rd. ,41.87715,-72.310204,,
, Tolland,Willimantic R. Nye-Holman State Forest, on Route 74 just west of the river on Plantation Rd. in Tolland,41.882027,-72.307484,,
, Torrington,Burr Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.87436,-73.09487,,
, Torrington,Still R. Sue Grossman Greenway, Sue Grossman Greenway southern end,41.853105,-73.09391,,
, Torrington,Stillwater Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.83754,-73.15184,,
, Union,Bigelow Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.99492,-72.12683,,
, Union,Mashapaug Lk.,CT DEEP Boat Launch Bigelow Bk. Rd. ,42.00504,-72.12889,,
, Union,Morey Pd, CT DEEP Boat Launch 670 Buckley Highway ,41.96605,-72.19336,,
, Unionville,Farmington R. Unionville R. Rd. ,,41.76094,-72.896367,,
, Vernon,Hockanum R. Access 1 ,Motel 6 lot 51 Hartford Tk. ,41.818777,-72.504272,,
, Voluntown,Beach Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 205 N. Shore Rd. ,41.58373,-71.80563,,
, Voluntown,Beachdale Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 115 Ekonk Hill Rd. ,41.58465,-71.85517,,
, Voluntown,Green Falls Rs. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Green Falls Rd. ,41.53446,-71.81075,,
, Wallingford,North Farms Reservoir, CT DEEP Boat Launch Route 68 north on Barns Rd. Wallingford,41.48379,-72.77849,,
, Wallingford,Quinnipiac R. Britannia Spoon Building ,,41.492379,-72.81997,,
, Wallingford,Quinnipiac R. Prageman Pk. ,,41.497505,-72.820372,,
, Wallingford,Quinnipiac R. Quinnipiac St., Wallingford left bank near spillway,41.458877,-72.835559,,
, Wallingford,Quinnipiac R. Route 150 Bridge, Yalesville sw corner of bridge,41.491628,-72.818137,,
, Wallingford,Quinnipiac R. Toelles Rd. ,Wallingford Northhaven left downstream side of bridge no parking,41.432324,-72.849503,,
, Washington,Bantam R. at Rumsey Hall, permission needed ,41.676698,-73.292584,,
, Washington,Shepaug R. Bee Bk. ,Washington Depot ,41.656507,-73.317849,,
, Washington,Shepaug R. Steep Rock ,Association Horse Ring ,41.621454,-73.324947,,
, Washington,Shepaug R. Valley Rd. ,,41.708498,-73.294344,,
, Washington,Washington Town Beach,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.683098,-73.351984,,
, Waterbury,Naugatuck R. Platt Park, at 191 Platts Mill Rd. ,41.51455,-73.05363, ,
, Waterbury,Naugatuck R. Thomaston Ave, across from City Limits Café ,41.60677,-73.05854,,
, Waterford,Dock Rd. , CT DEEP Boat Launch 1 Dock Rd. Waterford,41.30874,-72.14818,,
, Waterford,Jordan Cove Mill Pd. Pk. ,15-17 Trumbull Ln. ,41.337888,-72.141495,,
, Waterford,Niantic R - Kiddie Beach ,234 Niantic R. Rd.,41.352729,-72.176588,,
, Waterford,Niantic R. CT ,DEEP Boat Launch 2nd St. Waterford,41.32646,-72.17548,,
, Watertown ,Lk. Winnemaug ,Boat Launch at corner of Lk. Winnemaug Rd. and Caruso Dr. ,41.582652,-73.124085,,
, Webster MA,French R. Takeout ,at Dam on Perryville Rd. ,42.024923,-71.883852, ,
, West Cornwall,Housatonic R. Housatonic Meadows State Park, picnic area just north of intersection of Routes 7 and 4,41.823637,-73.37275,,
, West Cornwall,Housatonic R. The Bend,25-47 Lower River Rd,41.86975,-73.362444,,, West Haven,LIS Alschuler Beach , Altschuler St Savin Rock Conference Center ,41.256332,-72.950821,,
, West Haven,LIS Dawson Av. Beach Abbott Pk. ,Dawson Av. and Ocean Av. ,41.247092,-72.965138,,
, West Haven,New Haven Harbor West Haven City Boat Ramp ,Beach St. ,41.26922,-72.932021,,
, West Suffield,Sunrise Pk. Pond ,town park ,41.994119,-72.725444,,
, Westbrook,Menunketesuck R. Kirtland Landing ,Old Clinton Rd. ,41.288046,-72.492157,,
, Westbrook,Messerschmidt Pd., CT DEEP Boat Launch 390 Stevenstown Rd. Westbrook,41.34046,-72.49302,,
, Westport,Saugatuck R. under I-95 ,CT DEEP Boat Launch Elaine Rd. ,41.12068,-73.36762,,
, Wethersfield,CT R. Wethersfield Cove ,Boat Launch 533 Main St. ,41.72388,-72.653812,,
, Willimantic,Natchaug R. Lauter Park, 625 Jackson St. ,41.725072,-72.199681,,
, Winchester,Highland Lk. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.92253,-73.08458,,
, Winchester,Park Pd. ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 29 Blue St. ,41.89903,-73.15529,,
, Winchester,Still R. possible launch site, possible parking across from 200ish Torrington Rd. in Winsted,41.907753,-73.068364,'27.9%22N+73%C2%B004'06.1%22W/@41.9074416%2C-73.0688146%2C184m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d41.907753!4d-73.068364,
, Winchester,Still R. possible launch site ,Sue Grossman Greenway northern end Winsted,41.890206,-73.073875,,
, Winchester,Still R. CT Dep Motor Vehicles,possible launch site ,41.898423,-73.071173,'53.0%22N+73%C2%B004'17.5%22W/@41.8980537%2C-73.0726223%2C369m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d41.898059!4d-73.071531,
, Winchester,Still R. possible launch site ,Winsted Town Garage Rowley Rd. ask permission to park,41.911214,-73.064819,'40.6%22N+73%C2%B003'53.5%22W/@41.9110494%2C-73.0671839%2C737m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d41.911283!4d-73.064852 ,
, Winchester,Winchester Lk., CT DEEP Boat Launch ,41.90774,-73.15206,,
, Windham,Beaver Bk Pd, CT DEEP Boat Launch (car top) 483 Back Rd. Windham,41.73029,-72.126,,
, Windsor,CT R. Bissell Bridge ,CT DEEP Boat Launch 265 E. Barber St. ,41.81306,-72.64708,,
, Windsor,Farmington R. Rainbow Res, CT DEEP Boat Launch 118 Merriman Rd. ,41.91421,-72.70493,,
, Windsor,Farmington R. Strawberry Hills Pk. ,Pequonnick section ,41.901525,-72.670566,,
, Windsor,Farmington R. Welch Pk. Niles Rd. ,Pequonnick section - difficult carry no formal boat launch rapids,41.9003,-72.68064,,
, Windsor ,Farmington R. Pleasant St. Pk. ,behind Bart?s Bait and Sporting Goods Store on Rt. 159,41.856833,-72.640369,,
, Windsor Locks,CT R. Private(?) Ramp ,1530 Palisado Av. (CT 159) ,41.903619,-72.624053,,
, Wolcott,Chesnut Hill Rs. ,,41.597324,-73.013146,,
, Wolcott,Scovill Res,,41.5818,-72.98197,,
, Woodbury,Nonnewaug Weekeepeemee Stretch A ,Three R.s Pk. Jack's Bridge Rd. Woodbury,41.557147,-73.215182,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Woodbury,Pomperaug R. Hollow Pk. ,Stretch A take out above dam Hollow Rd. ,41.536032,-73.211056,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Woodbury,Pomperaug R. Stretch B ,behind Main St. Ballet Studio 124 S. Pomperaug Av. trail access to R. below Pomperaug Dam ,41.522506,-73.205919,!paddling/lbmmc ,
, Woodstock,Black Pd. ,,41.96723,-72.07066,,
, Woodstock,Roseland Lk. ,Roseland Pk. Rd. Woodstock,41.949191,-71.954089,,